Black Christmas

Black Christmas

I'm all for Black characters surviving horror films, I do... but can we all agree that.... ahhh... "lady" in the poster should've died like, right away? If you think about it, at least from what I get of the movie, part of this was her fault.........? Or maybe not? Credits where credits is due, at least they left a dude alive at the end.

See, here's the thing, when it comes to this "empowering" and "feminist" movies, I try to give it a shot. I've seen almost 3k+ films in my lifetime in its completion and probably a few thousand more the midway or the very end. I've seen all genres, from many decades. I've read through history... and see, I understand, trust me I do, that women have been mostly been treat like garbage or haven't had their spot on cinema. And dare I say probably since the 60s or 70s, there has been this great number of films that serve to empower all different kind of woman, while even us, the guys, have been able to enjoy them by its filmmaking or message or both. Thelma & Louise immediately comes to mind, Norma Rae, Wonder Woman and so, so on...

I'm saying all this because where the film thinks its winning, its exactly where it is miserably failing. Look, even when the audience you are trying to preach to thinks you are a piece of s**t, then you know you've become a failure. I'm telling ya, in-your-face "women power" movies like Charlie's Angels or Captain Marvel ain't got no s**t on this movie.

But that's not all, that poster in Letterboxd is a lie. It gives you the notion that there will be blood when there its not. And that's also the worst. I usually watch a movie with an open mind and let the filmmaker tell me his/her story. But here, like, I could spot on some legit times where a blood would've been awesome. Like the first kill, it would have been cool to let some blood spread in the snow and fill the shape and make a bloody Christmas image, that would've been dope. Also there are scenes where more blood should've been dropped and thanks to that stupid PG-13, we get nada.

Aside from the whole FEME preaching, the story itself made no sense. I don't use words like "plot holes" too much on my reviews, but damn it! These film had so much "plot holes". And also many stuff that made no sense, like on screen, for example, they claim one of the killers didn't look like human and I kept staring at the dude and I don't know, but dude look pretty human to me. And the way the characters are written, like, please, is it too much to ask for subtlety?! Even bad movies like Polaroid, Truth or Dare or Countdown... at least they have their little non-sensical plot twists which helps the story somewhat interesting as you don't know what may happen next.

Oh, and let's no talk about the fact this has zero connection to Black Christmas whatsoever. WHATSOEVER. They all preaching about consense and assault, well, guess what?! I'm sure most of the people who watched this film came out feeling assault as their damaged pockets bleed in despair.

But all its not that bad, I guess. The score was decent. Sophia does some nice camera work that took me back to the 70s, so yeah, that visual wink to the audience was nice. And that death scene that came out directly from Legion aka The Exorcist III was really nice, too bad it belongs to another film.

All in all, if you seriously have anything else to do, anything else to watch - then I would recommend you watching some crappy horror film instead of this one.

You know a film is bad when the rating goes lower and lower the more you think about it.

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