Blonde Death

Blonde Death ★★★★

29th Review for The Collab Weekly Movie Watch

My good pal Name Not Given should be happy James never get to direct again, cause he left Giuseppe Andrews on a very shaky ground.

I could probably come up with so many words to describe this film, yet at the same time there are none that could make much justice. John Waters' footprint is evident throughout the movie. Like so much of this type of film, its poor quality and questionable filmmaking actually make it myuch enjoyable. There's something really engaging about the lousy acting in here as it becomes one of the key reasons why the movie is really entertaining, especially when they react to each other or try to play things serious and dramatic. But above all, the film's greatest strength is its dialogue, a plethora of many memorable lines. You can also feel the anger of its self-proclaimed "queer anarchist" through every word, they are fun but there's an angsty quality to it.

All in all, one of those movies that needs to be seen to be believed. The last act dragged a bit too much, but overall this is a no-budget near masterpiece.

Blonde Death
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