Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm ★★★½


During my marathon screening of most of these award-winning movies with my dear mother, the sequel to Borat was one I actually considered skipping altogether. It is not only that she hasn’t seen the first movie, and did not even know who Borat was but she doesn’t like raunchy and controversial humor to the point where I have to watch Succession alone because she detests the humor on that series.

As a result, imagine my surprise when a few minutes in she was cracking up and laughing a lot. Not just the least harmful jokes, but also like the phone and porn watch jokes, the baby and all the Anti-vaccine songs. She was definitely outraged in a good way about the ballroom scene. Most of the third act, she seemed a bit tired and it was all crickets. At this point, she felt some pain in her feet so she left the room – though later, she asked what happened, so I assume even she wasn’t laughing, that she was somewhat interested in the story and she didn’t walk out of blatant despise.

As for me, as you can see, my rating stays the same. Compared to the second half, the first half is definitely much better. Additionally, with Maria being nominated and my pick to win the Oscars, I am starting to wonder if I should have chosen shitty grandma rather than following the hype. Despite the fact that her story arc is what makes this sequel exciting and she delivers both in comedy and in absurd climaxes, I feel my enjoyment diminished whenever we were left alone with her character and I often waited for Borat to come into the picture.

All in all, although nothing has changed and I still need to watch the first one to evaluate them fairly, nonetheless I enjoyed this sequel with a good starting point and final act, but a lackluster second act.

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