Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain ★★★★

Finally found my way around to watch this film... and it comes with its flaws.

On the positive, the performances are very top notch. Ledger emotionally contrived play on this character places him as both the much complex of the duo and the much interesting of them all. Gyllenhaal's Jack Twist is the total opposite with the actor sometimes going over dramatic, especially on some of the initial scenes where I couldn't stop thinking about the Chris Stuckman's review on The Fanatic and how John Travolta always had an interest for portraying this oddball personas, and my man Jake it ain't that far away.

The photography wasn't impressive, but it was pretty immersive and along with the direction, it helps us getting to intimate with the two and their surroundings.

My only complaint was the story. Yeah, it has its touching and heart-wrenching moment; but I couldn't stop thinking how this could easily go haywire if we tweak the context just a tiny bit. You know? How the whole relationship flourish and the whole foundation, was so abrupt and random that feel almost rape-ish? Again, if you tweak the story this could easily have become the premise of a survival thriller. Eventually the script finds its way to build the relationship better and let us know that ain't the case or anything. Sadly, even I understand Del Mar had his reservation, the fact he and Twist had to involved Williams and Hathaway's characters was very distateful. Cheating is wrong, no matter how you see it. Not trying to get into full spoiler, but I don't think the reason they give for they just don't go and live a life together wasn't enough. Add to the fact that Ledger sorta destroyed Michelle's life on the film and real life. That little fact bothered me a lot. I would have rather watch them trying to make it together and have to face some challenges, etc.

Nonetheless, the film is surprisingly engrossing and all lead performances will get you hook up.

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