Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story

Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story ★★★½

In this documentary, Eastwood, along with several friends and colleagues, discusses the actor/director's films' production in detail and shares some insights and funny anecdotes. In contrast, the director discusses the complete process and his work in general.

One of the stories that I enjoyed learning about was Meryl Streep's feeling as she was being directed while performing alongside Clint on The Bridges Of Madison County. There's also this nifty little fact on how he directed Spielberg's mom in an episode of Amazing Stories. Oh, and of course, I got a confirmation of some of those rumors that claimed Eastwood was a one-take and done director, and there's more info on the reasoning behind this approach.

In terms of its production value, this is definitely much better done than the documentary on Tarantino that I reviewed the past weekend.

All in all, I have not much to say. If you are interested in finding out more about Eastwood's process, along with a few fun facts, then you ought to watch this video.

Eastwood Directs: The Untold Story
The Funeral
The Blackout
The Golden Child

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