Empire Records

Empire Records ★★★

One of the least known films that bombed HARD at the box office, here's a movie that captures so well the spirit of an era that died at the hands of Digital music.

For those old enough to remember, almost like book stores or video rents, CD stores were magic places of self-discovery in the arts of music in this case. I personally remember taking on CDs from bands and artists I never heard and asking to the clerk to play it out, sometimes fooling him/her to supposedly buy that record (thats how I first heard of The Ataris). Also those wall CD players where you can listen certain albums - pure nostalgia. And that's where the magic on this feature lies, the soundtrack is AMAZING and seeing these "teens" (most of them soon-to-be major stars) having a blast, injecting a great dose of nostalgia.

Unfortunately as a narrative feature and coming-of-age story this simply doesn't work. The editing and the way the movie its put together and the script is just plagued with cliches and nonsensical storylines that don't do anything else but confuse you. I've only heard of "High Fidelity," but I would go on a stretch that film does a better job capturing the story this one was stumbling for.

All in all, here's a movie you should stay for the nostalgia and like a record store, for the music, and have some patience for the movie itself.

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