Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★½

After catching up the classic "They Live" a while back, I finally get myself right into the fun, only action heavy, 80s bumping, one-line extravaganza universe of John Carpenter... and it was a complete blast.

Snake Plissken is the ultimate 80s hero, wonderfully portrayed by the great Kurt Russel, who immediately knows the type of film he is and just have a pure, bonkers fun, which becomes so infectious most audiences like me can't help but drag ourselves to get some of that contagion. Master of few words Harry Dean Stanton as brain is really cool and shines through every little screen time he gets. Ernest Borgine is simply amazing, as this comic relief and laid back cab driver, he exhumes such a great tenderness and delightful persona that you can't but fall in love with him. The rest of the cast are cool, the guy with the weird hair which you didn't know if he was gay or just too 80s for his own good, was fun and Isaac Hayes seems to have caught some of the magic from the bad boys from films such as "The Warriors." Oh, and Lee, even with his leg pain and all was able to deliver the lines and mad dog, amoral persona like a complete PRO.

The script also is every inventive. Though I was first introduced to most of it on "Suicide Squad," the whole thing with the death lying within him, was really cool and built on some immediate tension. The whole concept of a part of New York turned into a massive prison was quite interesting, and brilliantly executed, though one may argue the reasoning and where's the punishment of letting criminals live their lives as they wish.

The score too was fantastic. The main theme, with its heavy 80s synth wrapped in this rather Western vibe is one of the most underrated scores from any movie ever, and also gives the whole movie like a nice blend of action, thriller and also Western but instead of cowboys we got thugs and a badass cop.

All in all, certain people simply seem to not like it for one reason or the other so it looks like its not for some people but for those who enjoy some darn fun action movie from the decade defined by the extremes, this is one you ought a watch if you haven't.

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