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I’ve seen the first half of this movie endlessly, but never in its entirety. Perhaps it is due to it that I have never understood the hatred this has generated since its release. And after seeing it, I understand where the hate may come from but still don't fully agree that this deserves to be torn to shreds.

Yes, the second half of this film is just a complete mess that wastes all the potential from all the build-up done initially. Towards the end of the film, its like the movie makers realized they needed to wind everything down so as to not exceed 2 hours. Though, the intro to Doom, with all the blood and savagery, made me wonder if it was indeed R rated.

I heard that Trank wanted a body horror approach, which would have been incredible. Sadly, as it seems to be the case with all Trank movies since Chronicles, the studio hires him to then ruin his final product. That either shows he has terrible luck, needs to be more assertive, or he’s full of sh*t. Even so, the script is quite uneven as it attempts to take a darker approach to the story while also pulling some insipid jokes from the MCU with the very end being the most moan-inducing of them all. Still, I would not call it a complete thrash.

In terms of the performance, they are serviceable. Even though I watched with dubs, I remember they had “The Mole” talking like Tom Holland, which leads me to my next question – am I the only one who thinks Holland and Bell kinda look alike, if Tom was shorter, bulker and could grow a beard? Honestly, Teller seemed miscast, solely in the character he is supposed to play, his face is so douchebagy you can't believe that he's actually a kind and clever person. Although Mara was okay, the downer tone didn't help her performance, just like Jordan. Toby had his moments, but he is barely in the movie.

All in all, not the worst superhero movie, but rather a very lackluster movie that becomes tainted by studio interference and a disappointing second half.

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