Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy ★★★½


Mom (at the opening when Yondu's spaceship shows up): Well, darn, dad surely arrive very early

So as I rewatch all of these previously released movies, my thoughts and ranking has either stay the same or fully changed. Starlord and co.'s adventure still an exciting and often funny space adventure flick comprised of some of the most unlikeable and weirder characters that by the end teams up and become something they initially thought would ever happen: a family.

However upon my second rewatch many of the fun and wacky moments nor the music strike me the same way it did when I watched on the theater around 6 years ago. Also I noticed how the editing feels very rushed, like we jump from one sequence to sequence through this sorta hard cuts that were distracting.

Don't get me wrong, Chris Pratt's entitled and troubled persona still enjoyable and the actor kills it on teh role. Cooper and Gunn's dual work as Rocket is maniacally entertaining. Bad ass's Gamora as played by Zoe Saldana is still incredible and her chemistry with Pratt stil works. Bautista's Drax literal persona makes for some of the funniest moments and was a blast. And even my mom who wasn't like laughing til the very end couldn't help but falling in love and repeat out loud "I Am Groot."

Mom (at the last battle scene towards the end): I bet you whoever made this movie used to play a lot of Nintendo!

Technically speaking, Gunn's sensibilities through his writing and direction is hard to not love. After all, this film in many ways its a miracle work, and is all due thanks to him. Taylor Bates' score feels very derivative but after Alan Silvestri's work for The Avengers, Bates work is perhaps the second best in the whole franchise.

All in all, while this is still a very entertaining flick in many regards, it personally not one that hit the mark as it did half a decade ago.

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