King Kong

King Kong ★★★

Probably the big monster that started it all, way before Godzilla (or should I say Gojira?) there was the real king of the monster, the god of the jungle.

The acting, especially by Fay Wray, was pretty iconic. She's indeed the mother of all the other scream queens that came afterwards, the OG. Her acting asides from this was really good too. Everyone else did a really nice job.

The script was also very good. Unfortunately by this point, I was so familiar that it didn't hit me that hard. Also I was introduced to our big ape through Peter Jackson's remake, and call it nostalgia, but I prefer that version. It pretty much follows the same story here, but I think the CGI, as to be expected, was waaaaaaaay much better and belieavable.

That takes me to my only negative: its budget. I'm the first to agree this is not really that fair, but I just wasn't able to ignore it. The King Kong looked hysterical and threw me off the picture, as well as all the other creatures. Though I have to be honest, and not sure if that was the case, but it seem like they put all the budget on the final act as everything looked much better there.

All in all, I totally get it why its such a beloved picture and it certainly worth a watch just for the sake of getting to know the genesis of, again, one of the greatest monsters to grace the screen.

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