Last Christmas ★★★½

Lesbian pudin

Paul Feig probably first entry into the world of Christmas movies, it's a very lovely one filled with some kind of heart and some subtle not subtle surprises.

Clarke is pretty good as this woman Katharina, a woman who's going through some things in her life after a sickness. Her delivery and humor was pretty good, though most of the chuckles come from the moments rather than herself.

Many people have called the weakest of all Feig films, and to be honest, this movie is more of an Emma Thompson movie than his. The whole vibe and style of the movie plays with all these quirks and scenery to be expected on a film written or starring the English comedienne/actress. And also George Michael.

Again, the biggest surprise of the movie is literally on the title, though it's filled with so many red hearings that it got to actually caught me off guard.

In the end, if toy are down for a sweet Hallmark Christmas movie with a budget, this is one for you.

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