Lightyear ★★★

Well done, Lightyear; you were the first film I saw on my first Apple product. I've always found the interface to be cumbersome and unintuitive; I can't even close all of my open tabs at once, and I think it's absurd that you have to double-tap a button to install an app. Everything else is fantastic.

The film itself isn't as terrible as I feared it would be, but I'm glad I didn't waste money going to the cinema to see it. This is one of Pixar's most cinematic and visually spectacular films, clearly showing the influence of "Interstellar" and other genre masterpieces. In some ways, it's almost as if you're watching a live-action film, albeit an animated one. Sox is without a doubt the highlight of the film, and it baffles me that dimwitted Andy doesn't even bother to purchase a Sox doll.

The opening forty minutes of the movie set a strong tone, but the rest of the film is quite inconsistent. There were a few chuckle-worthy moments, but the humor never quite clicked. Buzz becomes a boring character after a while. And everything about the villain makes sense and would have been perfect if it hadn't been unnecessary.

All in all, while it has its strong moments and some really brilliant concepts, a lot of the Pixar formula doesn't seem to fit very well with the film's new direction. Moreover, maybe it's just me, but I kept getting the impression that there were elements from more than one picture that didn't completely mesh and are in constant odds with each other.

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