Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★

What if Stephen Chow remade "An Orange Clockwork" and added some weird and heavy religious connotations and the drugos main job was to stealth photographs up women's skirts? Well, it will kinda look like this.

First of all, the trailer for this film makes absolutely no justice to this flick. In fact, it made all of this look much, much worse. Solely focusing on the initial premise without actually going a bit deeper, which some might see as a great example of a good trailer, but here its totally the opposite. Plus the cinematography in it looks much cheaper than in the actual movie which gives the impression this is an almost 4hrs amateur movie.

And yet, I don't feel like to give away anything as this is a film one has to go almost blind into it. My opening description should give you enough of an idea. By looking at it you know you can expect some weird, over-the-top performances and the story is simply bonkers.

All in all, while I still feel someone with Chow sensibility will make a better job, this one is yet a weirdly entertaining movie with some really good concepts and ideas that stumble upon each other to create the weirdest rom com you will ever find.

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