M3GAN ★★★½

As a horror film or a slasher, the movie leaves a lot to be desired and feels very tamed.

As a thriller, the movie is isn’t precisely thrilling.

Now, as a high brow sorta comedy satire, kinda like a blend between the last Chucky movie and tiny bits of Verhoeven, the film rules. Akela Cooper has carved a niche for herself and I’m all for it to see what else she has in stores.

The acting is great, but the characters aren't always likable and can be grating at times. The actual star is Amie Donald, who plays Megan's body double; the way her performance and the cgi blend together is seamless.

The cinematography is really good and soundtrack, especially the needle drops, were very awesome and helped elevate the film's tongue-in-cheekiness.

All in all, again, as a horror or thriller film, it leaves plenty to be desired and comes off as somewhat generic, but as a comedy, it was a lot of fun

Also, was it me or the film feels kinda rushed? Like it felt like the film went on pretty fast.

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