Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter ★★★

Action!: Anderson, Anderson, Anderson.... Andersson? - The Nerdy Paul

Look, I get this movie isn’t like the greatest and its biggest flaw has to definitely be its overly edited to the point I shout to the screen more than once for the cuts to stop as it was giving me some serious migraine. Also I absolutely do not (and never will) dig the whole zoom ins, it makes the thing look very cheap.

BUT…. There’s an uncanny and very mean and sassy cat person and Pearlman wearing a ridiculous 80s Glam Metal wig. Like how am I gonna sit here and pretend that’s not a complete hoot?! Its so weird and bizarre and I love it! Also the CGI monsters do legit look pretty real and has some great details to them that in many ways made them look unique and I legit thought they were really tearing up and beating the living heck out of our heroes. There are some very good cinematography as well. And Milla and Tony did a nice team though their initial encounter and all felt very unnecessary and somewhat forced, especially because after beating the living crap out of each other then they are all the sudden cool like in the blink of an eye.

All in all, after going through all WS Anderson movies its clear the man has lose some of its touch and was the best before he shift to this often self-indulgent and Michael Bay-ish approach, this was still enjoyable and I wouldn’t mind a sequel.

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Monster Hunter

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