Nomadland ★★★★½


Mom (in regards to Amazon CampForce): they only hire elders, huh?

Rewatches can elevate or hurt your initial watching experience of a movie. In my case as you can see by my rating, I really get to enjoy this one slightly more. I guess seeing it in a bigger screen than my laptop with my sound system instead of the laptop speakers definitely helped me a lot to immerse me into this experience.

Mom (when Fern gets the diarrhea attack): Oh noooo! Why they had to show that in the movie? Did she run out of toilet paper? Oh, nevermind

While from a shallow perspective this might just seeing as a boring movie with no real narrative, once you past that and actually pay attention to every (most real life) story in this movie, you get to understand and appreciate the picture as a whole. When a character dies, you feel for them as you get to spend some time and really connect with these individuals. This indeed a docudrama, as you get to form a bond with this non-actors, real nomads like you would as you were watching a documentary; and then, you got the whole story arc with Fern (wonderfully played by Frances), whose such a tragic one and in many ways encapsulates the life of many of these nomads who find themselves in this situation not because they can’t find a job or because they are on a personal journey or living under an extreme socialist mantra, but because they are seeking to escape of themselves. They have lost such an important part of their lives, and now they are just wandering around, and they don’t have the enough level of sadness or depression to take their lives, so they are sorta left in this existential limbo where they can share some good moments and make some friends, but they are incapable of forming any real bond that force them to settle down once and for all.

Mom (when Swankie tells Fern she’s feeling bad): oh shoot! The old lady is gonna die in her arm

All in all, while I still need to rewatch all the nominees for Best Picture, I gotta say upon this revisit of the movie, now I actually don’t care and would be happy for this to take the award as its actually deeper than what it might seems like on the surface, you just have to let yourself be taken into this journey.

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