Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

First time watching a Tarantino film at a movie theater... And I got a few things to say.

First, I'm happy to report this would not have disappointing level that Spectre had (first Bond film that watched at the movies). This was much enjoyable. Heck! One may even say it was much memorable. That being said, this is one of the weakest in Tarantino's filmography. This was really all over the place. And that's mostly thanks to the editing. For some reason I feel seems Sally sadly passed away, Quentin's flicks haven't been that well polished on that department. Maybe if he had split the film in chapters as he normally do, that would be really helpful (?).

Acting though was pretty top notch. About everyone did a splendid job, especially the leads. Leo and Brad had such a magnific chemistry.

The production design was another brilliant aspect of the movie. You really could feel yourself you were being part of that era. My mom and other members at the screening were having a nostalgia ride, remembering their youth. The photography for Richardson was another plus, it had some of that nice texture of the era that enhance the art design.

The script was kinda meh. Don't get me wrong,it wasn't bad but it didn't really had much of that Tarantino touch that makes him so special. Except for a few lines spread out, it wasn't really that memorable.

I was ready to give it a 4.5, and then that whole western TV show scene happened with James, Scoot and friends. Again, you can see the purpose of it and it had some nice payoffs, but many really thought that film dragged the whole movie. Like literally most of the audience took a literal nap on that whole sequence. Third time in 26 years I've seen that, one of them was the cow animated movie by Disney and John Wick 2 (that one was an old man, so he was just old). But yeah, it had his moments, but an editor would have done better decisions.

Another thing that bothered me was the whole feet thing. I know Tarantino is famous for that, but Lord Jesus Christ almighty! I couldn't stop thinking he was just giving me the middle finger, so to speak. Like, "you want feet... I WOULD GIVE YOY FEET YOU FUCKERS!" and I was like "Woah! Calm down dude!".

However, it all kinda paid off in the end. We wee all losing it by that time. I could see it go so many ways, and in the end, it was just hysterical.

In the end, I would probably place this film at the very bottom of my top 5. It worth it, it just need more cuts.

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