Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

"We all love pussy."
"Yes, we all do."

Finally, the 9th film on the Tarantino filmography has hit the web and I got to actually get to see it with all the hype gone and a time to actually get to sit through and think about it.

On the bright side, some of the most tedious things (name the feet galore, the whole city showcase and long ride takes) didn't bother me that much this time. In some way, I even get to enjoy it a little more.

The whole shooting scene with the girl and all that had my entire screening falling asleep - actually, it wasn't that bad. Without having my mom snoring, I actually get to sit and enjoy all the parallelism and juxtapositions between Dalton and his career beautifully displayed on this whole sequence. I didn't realize for example how the Western novel he was reading was basically a book about himself. Also, how the end of the friendship between Booth and Dalton (the end of an era as the movie says) happened exactly around the time the whole Counterculture as we knew it pretty much died too.

I was going to give it a half star more, but then again, some of the stuff here still felt a bit too slow and unecessary. Also, for some reason, I didn't find it funny anymore.

So while I got to appreciate new things this time around, its still not the best out of Tarantino's filmography. Certainly its on my Top 3, but probably at the very bottom of that list. Nonetheless, once I get my ATMOS speakers and a new plasma on my editing room and all, I might sit and give it another try later this or early next year. Maybe by then whole 4hrs cut shows up and I actually get to see some new things.

Ps. If you want to see some more of Manson, same actor I believe gave it all on Mindhunter season 2.

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