Satantango ★★★★

Well, kids... it seems like today I finally grown some movie balls and became a man lol. Finally seeing the infamous 8hrs sorta masterpiece?

Ok, let me get this out of the way. This movie doesn't deserve to be this long. I am sorry, but there's at least 5hrs of pure wandering, filler and unnecessary pause.

That being said... man! The cinematography is marvelous, I am talking Tarkovsky level of brilliance. The black and white with the use of lighting to paint a scene with brightness and shadow is awe inspiring.

Some of those editing pauses do work so well to build this mesmerizing, hynoptic and often emotional moments on screen. The performances, when the actor is actually doing something, are really good, even great.

If I had to split the movie I would say the first two hours are all set up, the second hour is a complete experience and the rest of the length is the actual movie, we get more dialogues and there's more going on.

All in all, I mean, I can't see myself recommending this movie because now in days people don't have the patience. You really MUST be into art house cinema, Bergman and Tarkovsky to remotely handle part of the movie.

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