School on Fire

School on Fire ★★★½

Twelfth Review for The Collab Weekly Movie Watch

I must say I am disappointed. For a movie called "School on Fire", only a small fire broke out. I wanted/expected the entire building to burn down completely.

Joking aside, this is another solid picture that I have discovered thanks to "Collab" club, specifically thanks to Jamerlich. Although I wasn't as engrossed as I expected to be, this was still a solid crime movie from the good ole Hong Kong. It plays like an early crime drama with a less stylistic version of an early Woo/Kitano's film. The end of the movie is everything. All the pressure that has been building up gets released.

The portrayal of the most marginalized sector of society in Hong Kong is nothing new, but it is a great reminder of how our government and those institutions that should be working for the stability of the society have failed. As well as how the need to belong to a group, to be someone, can lead to our own downfall.

All in all, despite its pretty good fight stunts, performances, and camera work, it is not my favorite film in the genre, but I think it is worth watching.

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