Shadow of a Doubt

Shadow of a Doubt ★★★★

Perhaps Hitchcock's must quirky funny film. Plus, I'm certain Herbert is Norman Bates' missing father. And also, I believe Anthony Shaffer stole many of the plot of Sleuth in this movie.

A very outspoken girl by the name of Charlotte has grown tired of the suburban life. But things are got to change for the worst when her uncle stops by her home, and questions starts to arise.

Teresa Wright shines as the oldest daughter of the Newton family, though her love for her uncle borderlined fixation and not gonna lie, I thought the big reveal was she got abused as a child by him. Seriously. Speaking of which, Joseph Cotten is great as this questionable uncle, doing a great role playing the charm and the suspicious.

There are some nice camera work and cinematography, though the biggest star is actually the script. One of the most solid directed work of Hitchcock for sure.

It might take a while to kick off and again, the whole relationship between the uncle and nice was a bit disturbing. Also the whole death talk between the dad and the neighbourhood felt a bit too odd and didn't really go nowhere.

All in all, another win for the iconic British director who proves once again why he's indeed the master of the suspense.

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