Sneakers ★★½

Have you ever wanted to watch a movie so bad but then you read a review here by a LB friends with a pretty negative rating and overall review and you start to feel worried and all the hype is gone?

Its clear many other people here seems to love this one, and I can certainly see why. The amazing essemble cast exhumes such gravitas and its clear many of them are just having fun. And in that regards, that's the best out of the entire film, to watch them have a good time its pretty contagious.

Unfortunately the movie all these great performers are is often confusing, completely uninteresting and lacks any real style. Again, just like I've been repeating myself as a broken record, the Ocean's Eleven ruined my enjoyment of any type of caper or heist movie that's not filled with style and substance, which this one misses.

The score was playful and there are some great tracks and the melodies are often infectious; but often feel out of place, again, for what my perception of a heist or caper movie should be.

All in all, it has all the ingredients for me, but the food are calories free which results in having almost a banquet of nothingness, if that makes sense. But then again, many people seems to love it, so this is one I would definitely give a try and judge it by yourself.

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