Songs My Brothers Taught Me

Songs My Brothers Taught Me ★★★

The first feature film from writer-director Chloe Zhao preserves the spirit that has defined her career, even when she's been part of a massive blockbuster franchise like the Marvel films. A methodical pacing and overall direction that works well with the film's introspective tone, in which we witness the characters weighed down by this vulnerability and a rawness in the acting that makes it feel like we are watching real people in their environment and daily routine, coping with their own personal challenges. Obviously, this is never on the same level as Nomadland, and in fact, "Eternals" aside, of the films I've watched by the director, this one feels like the one with a bit more conflict.

All in all, although the story didn't grab me and at times can feel a bit repetitive, this is one def. worth watching if you're a fan of Zhao's style.

Songs My Brothers Taught Me
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