Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★

There are a few great movies that lets audience understand and appreciate the many struggles deaf people must go through, mostly the social dynamic. So right of the get-go, what I loved about this film is how we not only get to go a much deeper into this, but through the use of an incredible sound mixing and design, we get to have an idea of what’s like to be deaf from in a much physical way. I also loved how even when some of these individuals get to operate and use some of those devices, sometimes (if not always?) they can become much of a trouble and much infuriating.

Riz Ahmed does a great job nearly embodying this individual where you feel he’s actually going through all of this himself in many ways. The anger and the sense of relief, every emotion delivered hit you. The scene on Paris at the party was perhaps the most devastating. Cooke was great, though seeing her with her eyebrow painted white or something immediately took me to Ready Player One where as everyone who has seen the movie knows she was supposed to be ugly or something and I kept thinking to myself “they should have done this to her eyebrows there.”

All in all, a simple yet very effective story of alienation and eventual self-acceptance that uses as much as narrative elements to let audience get themselves immerse into a group of people, whether its intentional or not, we many times take for granted.

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