Space Jam: A New Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy ★★★½

Ok, before I ever start with this review - can anyone explain me what the heck was Robin doing in this movie? I mean, that was the most random and the whitest thing I ever seeing in my entire life.

So as you can see by my rating, hot take Sally is back in town. While about everyone seems to find this exhaustingly long and apparently worst than the Black Christmas (2019) (how’s that possible, only God knows). I really had a good time with this one. Then again, I am one of the few that gave Death to 2020 a positive review, so maybe I just have a very bizarre sense of humor.

Don't get me wrong, this film does have some lazy writing when it comes to poking fun at some of the WB properties. All the Looney Tunes introductions (with the exception of Bugs) are kinda lame and cringe-inducing. It feels as if the whole scene with all the famous WB characters at the basketball court is very pointless as they just stand there and do weird things. The whole hybrid opening with the animation felt a little off. Seeing "Lebron James as the greatest basketball player that's alive right now" repeated for the first 10 times was fun, but on the 100th time - ahhh, this guy needs to be seen by a psychiatrist.

That being said, the story was cute and I appreciated the message. I watched everything with dubs, so I can't speak to the delivery of Lebron's lines, but he was fine and I loved the father-son relationship between him and Joe. If you had told me he was his son, I would have believed you right away. Don Cheadle was having the time of his life and I was in for it. Again, many of the jokes don't land, but everything with (extreme) granny, Bugs, and some of the meta humor like the one with King Kong and Michael Jordan had me laughing so hard, but again, that's more like my jam (pun intended).

All in all, despite the fact that it often feels unashamedly commercial, one that makes the most laziest use of its IP, there is still a lot of fun to be had and a lot of heart to be felt. The most cynical adult version of me hates this for what it is, but my inner child just had a blast going down memory lane.

But really, how come WB can't get Seal to record a new song but Masked Singer can get them for like 3 episodes. This soundtrack needed some bangers!

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