Speed ★★★★★

So after having caught this movie on cable countless times, I’ve never actually seeing this movie from beginning to end til this very morning. And right of the get-go, I have to say I was surprised how much of a Keanu Reeves’ vehicle. For some reason I always thought this was a Sandra Bullock/Reeves dual movie, and while the Academy Award winner actress has a substantial role in here, she’s more of a supporting.

That being said, their chemistry on screen and both of their work in here is stellar as well as most of everyone in this movie. Daniels has little screen time, but you feel a sympathy towards his character, which later becomes important. Hopper was chewing and hammering every scene, and needless to say he was incredible (and I seriously would have loved to see him as Vader!). I saw his name on the credits but it took me a while to see Alan Buck in here and he was good as this annoying tourist. Ortiz boy was very nice. I could care less about Helen. Random Criminal Mexican was very random. The owner of the car who looks a hell lot like Kel Mitchell was a riot in the most 90s of way.

Speaking of 90s, many about this movie feels caught on that decade. From the in-your-face score to the cheese on the script and nothing screams more 90s action than Jan De Bont. No stranger to the genre, he did a great job delivering the pure and building the tension as well as set pieces, even those will not make any sense (I am looking at you bridge jumping scene).

All in all, a landmark of action movies that along with Die Hard put in motion a series of wannabe movies that couldn’t reach the level of brilliance in here, which shouldn’t come as a surprise because everything about this is just a lightning in a bottle.

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