Spencer ★★★★

Less of a fable and more of a nightmare, it functions as a form of pulgatory, a house of terror where the famous and tragic princess's dreams and nightmares take shape, from real-life personalities to the demons that tormented her till the day she died, personified in the likes of Timothy Spall's Alistair Gregory and Anne Boleyn.

Stewart, as promised, is outstanding in her portrayal of Diana, that might not delight me or be as genuine as an Emma Corrin, but which suits the surreal world in which it all takes place. Her physical performance seemed a touch over the top at points, especially the way she walks around like she's performing interpretive dancing with the tics and all; at times it worked, presenting us with the psychological deterioration, but at other times it was comical, which I suspect wasn't the intention.

Technically, the cinematography is superb, and when coupled with Greenwood's strident and absorbing score, it brings the story to life and makes everything more effective, especially the psychological component.

All in all, although I would have liked a little more written narrative and less visual, for what it aims to be, it is well done and I personally prefer it to the film "Jackie". However, it is not Larrain's greatest work.

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