Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

I was, am and will always be a Radiohead, but after this experience (but don't let anyone fool you or tell you otherwise, this is what this is), you can count me as Talking Heads fan.

Seriously, when I watched that 100% on RT and everyone singing praises to this concert film, I was pretty perplexed, but also intrigued. I've known Heads been a pretty popular band and Psycho Killer has been the soundtrack for some legit great and only the great part of certain movies (*ahem*Bloodshot*ahem*), but as I was listening to their material I was more and more surprised on how deep into the pop culture this band is. Just like it even happens with bands and their albums, some of their non-single are even better.

In very Talking Heads fashion, this is band that makes a show and an entire spectacle out of the most minimal things. There are some great use of visual effects, especially on certain scenes at the wall, yet differently to other major concerts and events, this one is built not on the graphics but on the energy, cause good Lord did these individual have stamina. I mean, not only the main band but even the chorus girl, they are just having a blast, at first I thought they will just sit there and sing... no sir, they where bring it on.

Now I don't know how much of the ideas that took place at the stage where from the band, and what came from the mind of director Jonathan Demme, they killed it. Introducing the whole show as a whole solo man with a guitar and a radio beatbox was awesome and introducing each band member with one song each could've been nice, but here it was almost brilliant and totally unique.

All in all, small settings and big ideas collide to create an frenetic and hynoptic show that must be seen to be believed. Exciting music, exciting performances makes for an exciting concert movie. Seriously, if you aren't dancing along with the audience by the end, you have to question your own tastes in music and your own sense of joy.

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