Tenet ★★★★

Action! - Three Auteurs: Timing Nolan & The Mind Bending Machine'

There is no doubt that watching this movie on a 75-inch TV with Dolby Atmos is a complete experience compared to watching a CAM-rip version on a computer.

I think a lot of what I wrote in my original lengthy review is still relevant, so I will keep this short. Hoytema's cinematography is stunning, especially the texturing that in a subtle way imparts a film noir feel through the use of shadows. The score is also much more impactful and impressive when heard in HD on a surround system, especially making the film sound cooler, a shift towards the elegant feel that all Bond films tend to lean on.

Having binge-watched all the Bond films, I was able to appreciate many of the nods to that franchise, both for the better and for the worse. On the one hand, I liked Nolan's intentions to make an elevated version of the film, adding some of his own love for the machinations of time. In terms of the villain and what would probably be the Bond girl, they feel rather cartoonish and dated, respectively. In spite of this, I had a lot of fun with Branagh, who gave it his all and delivered.

All in all, while "Inception" is still superior and Nolan's writing still needs polishing, and I think with Jonathan's help, this could've been much better, it is still an enjoyable sci-fi spy thriller.

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