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This review may contain spoilers.

Seriously thou... what's up with all that licking? - A Cat person.

It took me a while to finally watch this movie as a whole. Everytime it played on cable it was around 10pm and by that time I was exhausted and fell asleep... this time I caught it very early, so I was kinda falling asleep as well -.-

Nonetheless, even with all this sorta burden, I highly enjoyed this movie. There isn't much that I can say, that haven't been told before - so I will go on a limp and do something differe, that is, bullet point my opinion:

- Action was pretty relentlessly fun. I love some of the decisions like with Miles before he, SPOILER ALERT, died. The way how Cameron chooses to go with tension by having him heavily breathing, marking the time between the big kaboom.

- Its Stan Winston - should I say more? The practical effects and robotics still holds. The whole liquid (I know there's another name, but can't recall) effect was pretty uneven. There are times where it seems a bit outdated, but then, like towards the end, when he starts forming back after the nitro destruction, the way how all the particles come together and all that was really great.

-Who wants to bet Avatar 2 has more action than the first? By now, that seems to be Cameron modus operandi. But yeah, say whatever you want about the man, dude knows his stuff and films like this shows why he's one of the greatest auteurs out there. Again, the way he shots the action, builds tension and works the comedy is pretty incredible. Most of this is thanks to a really entertaining script.

-Performances is where I have the most issue with. Arnold throwing the one-liners was perfect, Hamilton playing the tough and the drama was really great - but Furlong... dude... man... what was the direction given by James to that child? Act like a little rich prick? Jeez! No bueno. His physicality was really good, but the dialogues were almost a pain.

But overall, this is indeed one of the greatest sci-fi action films of all time... duh.

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