The American Friend

The American Friend ★★★½

I'm starting to see where Nicholas Cage got his "method acting" from...

The American Friend is based on the third installment of the Ripley's saga created by Patricia Highsmith. This time, the somewhat iconic con man and assassin is played by the incredible Dennis Hopper, who doesn't hesitate to bring some of his "touch" to the character, who this time finds himself playing with an ill man (Bruno Ganz) to do some of his dirty job.

There's a real nice sense of psychological thrills that impregnates the story. There's an incredible camera work both by director Wenders and its cinematographer, especially when it comes to playing with the lighting and creating colors that sometimes help building on the suspense and the atmosphere as a whole.

The story is great, though its filled with so many twists and turn I can see people getting lost in the process. The music is also great, though personally its very overused to the point it almost becomes both annoying and it diminishes the movie. Also the slow burn its a bit too dull, especially at the very beginning.

Nonetheless, if you are either a fan of Hopper, Ripley or a nice Thriller - this is certainly one to look for.

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