The Cremator

The Cremator ★★★★★

The definitive answer to the question, "What if you took David Lynch, Carnival of Souls and Angst and put them in the dreamlike, strange universe of Alain Resnais' Last Year at Marienbad?" And it would be a psychological horror film about a well-meaning man who descends into complete madness when a Nazi convinced him he has German blood.

This is one of those films that cannot be adequately described in words. It's a magnificent and stunning piece of visual storytelling blended with a brilliant script made up of mostly monologues that may appear merely odd, but when combined with the rather experimental camerawork and sound mixing, the nightmarish cinematography that intensifies the psychological aspect of the movie and attacks all your senses. If that wasn't enough, the ominous music is the frosting on the cake, creeping under your skin and messing with your head, turning even a brief cut to a cat into something that will most likely give you nightmares. And Rudolf Hrunsk is one of the most disturbing and horrifying protagonists/villains in cinema, his icy yet somehow warm demeanor and manner of speaking throughout the film placing him, in my opinion, even above other legendary ones like Anthony Hopkins' "Hannibal." His physical performance! The ticks, everything is just… why this man hasn’t gotten more recognition?! The man deserves every award and recognition in existence.

All in all, a harrowing portrayal rarely seen in cinema, a horror movie gem that everyone should see Adding it to your film list isn't an option; it's a MUST.

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The Cremator

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