The Fifth Seal

The Fifth Seal ★★★½

Careful with what you ask for... especially during the Nazi regime.

Set in Budapest during the WWII, a group of friends and a stranger at a bar start having a philosophical discussion about tyranny and slavery that might or might not become true by the end of the movie.

The film shines thanks to a great cinematography (especially towards the end) and very good performances that simply gets better and better as the film progresses, the movie takes its time to show its real color, but when it does, the results are simply heartwrenching.

There are some things like the whole naked ladies thing and other sequences that took me a bit off the movie, as personally I didn't feel they fit the bigger picture and tone as a whole.

All in all, another great feature film from Hungary that goes to show what an amazing filmography they have and needs to be discovered, especially back in the last century,

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