The Game

The Game ★★★½

Action! - Three Auteurs: The Perfectionist Fincher

Let me start by saying this has to be one of the most unrealistic portrays of brotherhood on the screen. We all know in real life this would have ended very, very differently.

So yeah, the movie that unfortunately has been stuck between two of the greatest and most memorable works of Fincher; The Game sees the director, who has multiple times cited Hitchcock and Pakula as major influences, tackling on the many trademarks and sensibilities from this directors to create a thrilling mystery that sadly gets watered down and changes completely once you’ve seen the ending multiple times or you watch the first act and put all the pieces together (the title, the script literally tells you whats going on when the “evil company” gets introduced), in many ways it seems like its trying to pull the same trick as Total Recall on whether everything’s real or not, but in its attempt to be smart, for me at least, it ends up showing all its cards, so I was left for the most part waiting for the characters to caught up on what I already knew.

That being said, Michael Douglas was really good and seeing his story arc evolve throughout the picture was very nice. Not sure if they were part of the scripts, but Fincher pulls some subtle and nice stuffs like the invisible ink in the wall, the glitch on the TV, the way the camera flows and while I wasn’t even much a fan of it, the way the flashbacks were shot were very nice.

All in all, a really good mystery thriller which I would go out and suggest everyone to go full blindly not knowing the ending and if possible skip the whole invitation by the brother and the whole explaining of how the company works, that way I guess you will be able to get more out of the mystery part.

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