The Happening

The Happening ★★★★½

Action!: The Campy, The Violent and The Plot Twist — Its a Plot Twist! The Shyamalan Chronicles


In another installment of Shyamalan movies people failed to recognize for what they were, we find the greatest example of them all. All indications point to this film being a horror film, but its execution (even by the same standards of the director who previously directed Lady In The Water) is just too goofy to be taken seriously. In my opinion, the director was trying to do some dark comedy/horror with this, and he succeeds in that regard.

As opposed to Lady In The Water. here the director writes and executes plenty of minimalistic, yet very memorable, death scenes. One cannot deny how awesome some of them look, from the construction workers tossing themselves off the buildings to the stabbing on the neck and even the very off literal death row in the middle of the street. With its incredible greatness and the memes, the film has plenty of hysterical moments that will remain forever etched in our minds.

Once again, James Newton Howard delivers with a score that may not be as memorable as his previous for the director, but it really captures the whimsy, almost B movie feel this movie seems to aim for.

As far as I am concerned the whole decision to make SPOILER the plants the main antagonist of the film is still ludicrous. In fairness, most B horror movies tend to revolve around some ridiculous plot or villain. For example, they feature a killer truck, killer big ants, and a killer rubber. The possibility of killer plants isn't impossible. Likewise, if taken seriously, the performances here are awful, but when seen as a parody or on a B movie level, they are spectacular. Additionally, the dialogue and performances are not good enough for the standards, even though I do believe that is the film's goal.

All in all, after being so fond of himself that he brought forth his most horrid film yet, he ended up self-parodying himself in such an overt manner that most people haven't noticed it yet, all while paying tribute to the lost art of B movies.

Also is that Kendall dressed as a soldier?

Also, also.... do you guys like Hot Dogs?

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