The Hunt

The Hunt ★★★★

Why do I feel I was the only who caught the nice little easter eggs on the casting of the deplorables? Think about it, Justin is know as the douchebag hot brother on "This Is Us," Ike is always known playing the arsehole on everything, Emma Roberts not only plays Montgomery on AHS but she has a fame for being a biatch on real life and Betty, well, on GLOW she kinda plays a sorta anti-hero. Dunno guys, I thought that was brilliant.

In terms of the story, it was really good, though I gotta admit that ending still has me confused. Was she or wasn't she you know who? And was she a right, left or neutral? Literally went to Wiki and it seems she wasn't. Nonetheless, the script had its moments where I legit laugh at satire, other times I was chuckling and, of course, other times it was just too much on-the-nose for both parties. Plus all people complaining it wasn't smart and was poking fun at the worst of social media, etc.... ahhh... yeah... that was the point.

The performances were all so good, especially by Gilpin, which I swear, with Linda certainly not coming back and us having another Terminator, someone needs to get Betty a role on that film cause she was Sarah Connor/Ripley level of badass.

On a technical level, it was fine. The whole fighting sequence at the end was well shot and choreographed. It was both tense and funny, and the camera work had some good dynamic elements.

All in all, while it may be far away from becoming the next Catch-22 or Network or even Happiness, it does what it promised, poking fun of the ludicrous times we're living in.

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