The Souvenir: Part II

The Souvenir: Part II ★★★½

Clearly someone likes French cinema and "Dog Star Man".

It goes without saying that I was not looking forward to seeing this sequel, but as a completionist, I guess I had no option. And, as seen by my rating, I was able to appreciate this one much better. The main reason is that I believe there is more action in this sequel, especially when we view the behind-the-scenes snippets of the project and the music video, etc. I also recall many people saying that what they loved about the first one was that it depicted the process and difficulties that a filmmaker must go through in order to create a film or multimedia project in general. I don't remember any of it in the first part, but it's much more evident here, and it's one of the greatest parts of the film for me, especially that sequence in the theater near the end that appears to have come out of Annette.

Unfortunately, I had to endure yet another string of long, drawn-out pauses, some of which were intended to let the actor to convey an emotion and let it breathe, but the great majority of which felt like sloppy editing that ruined the pacing.

All in all, while the acting are fairly strong and the plot has its strengths, there is no doubt that the cinematography and direction are the stars of this film.

But seriously, someone needs to talk some sense into that editor.

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