The Voices

The Voices ★★★½

One of the three writers for Paranormal Activity 2 teams up with the director of Radioactive for a grim, lowkey version of Dr. Doolittle about a well-mannered man with some serious mental issues whose good dog and his evil cat serve as his conscious of sorts - so, of course, he will eventually become a murderer.

This came to my attention thanks to someone here on Letterboxd and I'm glad I was introduced as this was darkly fun, but also heartbreaking. Reynolds does a great job playing this man that genuinely has good intentions but his unresolved traumas lead him to a dark path after so many years. He also does a great job voicing most of the animals he meets along the way, more prominently his cat and dog. The cat, especially, not sure if it was because I am a cat person but I always got a kick out of him and his devilish lines, Reynolds does a nice job tweaking his voice to give each one almost their own identity. Gemma gets some good moments to shine as welll as Kendrick. Again, the story has very good twists and turn, but more importantly while its gory and all, it still has some form of heart, which was pretty unexpected.

All in all, if you haven't give this a watch, I would definitely recommend this on Netflix. Its humor might not be for everyone, but it worth a shot.

The Voices
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