Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★

When talking about Alfonso Cuaron (a one third of the group known as Los Tres Amigos) most of the world was introduced to him thanks to his work on Harry Potter. But before those days, he made a splash on the big screen with a sex (and boy is there sex in here, it's kinda like a well constructed soft porn) coming of age featuring the two actors who have become a pseudonym of "Mexican actor". For me, though, this actually was the movie that introduced me to Plastilina Mosh and the greatest rock band of Mexico and the whole Latin America, Molotov.

The overwhelming amount of explicit sex for a mainstream movie was a bit too much, often feeling like a middle finger to the likes of Paul Verhoeven. However, underneath all of these distractions, lies an interesting story about friendship and being young through the glance of two complete social classes. What fascinated me the most was how Cuaron chooses to portray violence in Mexico through quick cuts or panning during the streets or random people they meet along the way. Differently to a Sicario, where's in your face (for a reason), here we see many of the death and political climate in the background, it's like the director is telling us, "see all these crimes, no one actually cares, most likely neither do you, the audience".

All in all, while the main story it's a bit weak and filled with lot of shock value, thanks to a great direction and subtle script work, this is definitely one to watch. Just remember, this is totally NSFW right from the beginning.

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