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  • Dune: Part Two
  • Blade Runner 2049
  • Dune
  • Incendies
  • Polytechnique

Action! - Three Auteurs: Denis, The Québecian Master

11 films

Canada has exported some of the best talents in music and cinema, but when it comes to the latter, there's…

  • The Last Full Measure
  • Begin Again
  • Super Dark Times
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Sorry to Bother You

The Rec Files (The Mother of all Recommendations list)

749 films

My own list where y'all dear followers an friend recommend me what to watch. Make sure to also specify whether…

  • Salaar
  • Petta
  • Leo
  • The Railway Men - The Untold Story of Bhopal 1984
  • Jailer

A Passage to India: Dawn of the Wobble

38 films

You can say it's been a long time coming, but here I am at last. After promising myself I was…

  • Bruce Almighty
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Se7en
  • Lean On Me
  • Invictus

Starring: My Name is Morgan Freeman

89 films

*The title must be read in John Flickinger's voice.

What a better way to follow up the great Denzel Washington's…

  • Kingsman: The Secret Service
  • Kick-Ass
  • The King's Man
  • X-Men: First Class
  • Layer Cake

Action! - A British Romp: Vaughn, The Kinnetic Fighter

8 films

Our British romp continues with whom you may have recognized its name for producing some of the early work of…

  • The Holdovers
  • Oppenheimer
  • Godzilla Minus One
  • Poor Things
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Best of 2023

23 films

So coming into this list, I was expecting more to have a hard time coming up with a top 10…

  • Stalker
  • Solaris
  • Andrei Rublev
  • Mirror
  • The Steamroller and the Violin

Action! - of God and Man: Tarkovsky, The Poetry of the Spirit

15 films

To conclude my monthly marathon, the day I watched Stalker just like Bergman, the visuals and style from the filmmaker…

  • Planet Terror
  • Machete
  • Machete Kills
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
  • The Faculty

Action! - Three Auteurs: El Campamento De Robert Rodriguez

27 films

Our second auteur for the month is one that has lost some of his touch throughout the years, but at…

  • The Seventh Seal
  • The Magic Flute
  • Through a Glass Darkly
  • Wild Strawberries
  • Persona

Action! - of God and Man: Bergman and the Hopelessness Kind

62 films

Starting the new year with a double marathon of two directors that couldn't be more different yet they are so…

  • Wrath of Man
  • Spy
  • Death Race
  • The Transporter
  • Snatch

Starring: The Bold, Bald, Gruff Action Man Jason Statham

51 films

Our second actor I'd be diving into this month is no other than Jason Statham, a man who has earned…

  • Mission: Impossible – Fallout
  • Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation
  • Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol
  • Mission: Impossible
  • Mission: Impossible III

MiSsiON MOMpossible

7 films

Ranking of all the Mission Impossible movies I've watched with my mom.

  • Collateral
  • The Insider
  • Heat
  • Thief
  • Ali

Action!: MANN MEN - In the Heat of Digital Mike's Manhunt

14 films

Our next and last Mann is no other than the Man himself Michael Mann. Follow me as I pretty much…