• Bodies Bodies Bodies

    Bodies Bodies Bodies


    "Don't call her a psychopath. That's ableist!"

    It's hard to completely hate a movie with that great punchline of an ending as well as another great Rachel Sennott performance, but the biggest problem is that she injects an energy into a film that otherwise sorely lacks it. Not funny enough or scary enough as a horror comedy, and not nearly vicious enough and way too surface level as a satire of a generation.

    I surprisingly found Pete Davidson to be…

  • Fall



    FALL - solid B movie with some vertiginous thrills, some dumb unnecessary interpersonal drama, and a hilarious ending. I love when a movie seems to promise a plot point so bonkers that you don't think the filmmakers would dare actually follow through on it... and then 1 minute later they actually do it. The whole theater was howling

  • Prey



    Bring on the Archie vs Predator adaptation!

    I am glad to see this movie not skimp on the gore. Loved all the different creative ways the Predator offed his prey.

    Also, he's just a big softie that doesn't want to see bunnies get hurt

  • Medusa



    This director really hates Christian hypocrisy and does so with vicious humor, some really striking imagery (the sight of teenage girls/young women with blank white masks, threatening and beating up their female victims in the name of Jesus particularly stands out) and a cool soundtrack and I'm here for it.

  • Elvis



    It's a Baz Luhrmann Elvis, and pretty much exactly what you'd expect from that. Some truly spectacular moments but it is lonnnnng for this kind of movie. Austin Butler is so great to the point that when they showed the real Elvis footage at the end, I was like, "oh yeah that's what he looked like!" Which is the highest compliment I can give to Butler.

  • Murina



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    A beautiful noir-inflected drama that felt afraid to go full noir. I that I know it's more realistic that Julija *didn't* murder her Slavic Paul Thomas Anderson-looking father with the eel-fishing spear on one of the multiple occasions she has to do so, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. This movie flirting very heavily with murder and then pulling back feels very similar to the way Julija's mother baldly flirts with Javi only to pull back. In…

  • Raising Cain

    Raising Cain


    "You should see the expression on her face." 👀

    Recut version as my first viewing. Weird-ass movie. The constant doubling back of the narrative, flash forwards, flash backs, dreams within dreams, etc, had me so confused, but in a good way. Gives the whole thing the flow of a dream. Wish we had access to De Palma's actual original director's cut, but this will have to do. Don't see any reason to ever watch the original version. The choice to have the car scene which originally opened the movie saved as a shocking twist almost a third of the way in is definitely the correct choice.

  • Obsession



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    God, how I was yelling at the screen during that final swirling embrace. "Don't you dare fucking do it, you can't have them kiss! no! don't! aghhhhhhh!" And then the mixture of relief but also disappointment that the picture freeze-framed without it actually happening.

  • Nope



    Goddammit, I loved so much of this, and I want to give it a 4 (as much as ratings mean anything) but I don't know that I can. The final climax, while visually enthralling, just went on maybe 10 minutes or so too long, and I left feeling a little deflated (pun fully intended).

    I was fully fully onboard until then. The movie is gorgeous. I love the Gordy stuff so much. The 8 1/2 shot . The ET shot.…

  • Streets of Fire

    Streets of Fire


    The dialogue is still so dumb but might be one of the vibiest vibe movie to ever skate by on its vibes. Everything is so beautiful and passionate and cool and I love it

  • Body Double

    Body Double


    Oh my fucking god, making the stupid decision to start Body Double at 3 am was the best decision I've ever made. I absolutely love this movie. Probably my favorite De Palma that I've seen.

    The Telescope song.
    The brief glimpse of the film crew as the mirrored door swings shut.
    "Excuse me, you're being followed." "I know"
    The make out scene between Jake and Gloria on the beach.
    The claustrophobia scenes.
    The drill thru the ceiling.
    The hilarious fact that Jake is the worst fucking stalker in the history of cinema.

    Fuck. I love it.

  • The Black Phone

    The Black Phone


    Really not my thing in terms of tone, kid performances, or really anything except for some of the creepy imagery, the mask, and Hawke's performance.

    It was kinda funny when it turned into Oldboy for like one scene