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  • What We Do Is Secret

    What We Do Is Secret


    Superb performances all round make a lacklustre production far more enguaging than the material deserves.

    You have to credit West's performance with carrying the material. He feels like a real and formed character throughout and you believe him when he says the outlandish things and does the self destructive acts. The supporting cast are good too and it's pretty well conceived.

    Things fall apart somewhat in the chaotic presentation and editing that do nothing for the material as well as…

  • Dominion Tank Police

    Dominion Tank Police


    Very dated but not without some edge and fun.

    Certainly the cover art gives you a somewhat false impression that this will be sexy and violent.. but what you get is a bit tamer and drawn out.

    There's fun dialogue at times that lead me to think that the dub was possibly translated and then added to for western audiences giving the impression that more care was taken than in a lot of dubs of the era. It made me…

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  • Next of Kin

    Next of Kin


    80's Australian horrors are always of a certain look and type.

    There's something awkward about them. People talk unnaturally, there's weird off kilter elements that just work to create tension and an uneasy tone.

    The movie is very slow paced with some incredibly brutal editing leading to sudden scene changes which I'm sure was intentional to keep you off balance. It's a shame there wasn't more of the overt scares, what there was was effective but it could have done…

  • Body Snatchers

    Body Snatchers


    Six writers is never a good sign on a non-anthology movie, it smacks of "It's not working, more writing!"

    Abel Ferrara is not one of my favourite directors the man has pulled a few great movies out of nothing but his sloppy style is incredibly hit or miss.

    Starting right off with a Tell-Dont-Show voice-over that rather blandly feeds us the setup for stuff that doesn't matter and could have been done with the characters having a conversation.

    The dated…