Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy ★★★★

Very well put together documentary with good narration, structured chronologically, talking to the people who were actually there and the later using lots of alternate takes from shots to explain the story.

I was thoroughly engrossed with stuff I'd seen before but more so from the alternate takes and new interview material that I was less familiar with.

The first half of the 2h 30m documentary focuses on the production up to release and the second half the release and legacy.

They took pains to make something new from material you've seen many time before, for example:

They show a flat master take of the cantina arm cut scene and compare it to the editing of the final film to illustrate the issues they had with early cuts of the film relying on masters.

Completely cut scenes such as C3PO driving the landspeeder as Luke attempts to fix it and Han biting his medal to see if it was real.

The alternate dialogue in scenes were really interesting too.. such as Leia saying: "and you call yourself human beings" when Alderaan is blown up.

One of the most interesting aspects was how much of a toll the production had on Lucas, how awkward he was to work with and how everyone (cast, crew, the studio, friends, merchandisers) expected the film to be a just OK at the very best.