The Theory of Everything ★★★

I swear the movie is 50% silent pauses.

Redmayne is pretty darn good as Hawking, I feel like he captures the man well enough in his geeky awkwardness and yet with undeniably intelligence behind it all. David Thewlis is pretty great as his mentor, I have a lot of time for this guy and wish he was in more raw personal roles of his youth. Maxine Peake is nice to see in this for a few minutes. Felicity Jones is adequate but forgettable which seem to be her modus operandi and that's about it for the cast.. people flit in and out but this is firmly focused on our protagonist with no time for anyone else.

I'm not sure how true to life the suddenness of his debilitating illness and its effects are, as they seem most brutal in the movie, and yet the scenes were effectively used to show the cruelty of how it robs a man of his movement but not his mind nor his intelligence. A moving tale it does sometimes feel like the timeline is indistinct and the material hopping from momentous moment to momentous moment with the odd scene of pathos.

I find it really hard to rate.. I can't say I enjoyed the movie nor hated it. It had moments but didn't feel particularly enlightened by any of it either nor would i ever seek it out again and yet for anyone who doesn't know who Hawking is I think they should see this and know a little of why he was so important.