Upgrade ★★★½

I deliberately avoided any trailers, reviews or info on this movie, I wanted it to do what it wanted with me.. and it didn't disappoint.

First off.. the action is great, not enough of it but great while it's happening. The movie needed about 3 more action scenes and/or not to pull its punches with the cut away's. The acting and plot are just fine, as are the sets and effects... but the movie keeps on making you want more without delivering those highs for long enough.

In my heart of hearts this is a 6 out of 10 all day.. but you know, it gave me flashbacks to some of the great lower budget fantasy/action thrillers of the last few decades.. and I like that feeling and want it more.

Safe to say I'm buying this one on DVD.. it needs more than one viewing.

Obligatory: if The Crow, RoboCop and Equilibrium had a baby...

Also.. it feels just like I got to see the new Venom movie a month early.

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