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  • The Devil's Whore

    The Devil's Whore


    The story is a little too Forrest Gump in the English Civil War for its own good, but it's still enjoyable. Andrea Riseborough is a great center to a wide orbit of stories and characters, though Peter Capaldi (while looking the part) seems miscast. The best part of all of this though is the cinematographer's penchant for artistic framing and wonderfully textured coloration.
    And it's suuuper brutal and for a miniseries about war and how it destroys, that's well done.

  • Quick Change

    Quick Change


    Endless. How can a movie with this cast be this sluggish?

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  • Ordet



    Why? Why did I watch this? For whatever reason I find almost all of Dreyer's films infuriating, chock full of insufferable characters with few or no redeeming characteristics- this is one of those movies. And the ending? Fuck. That. Noise. Go watch The Passion of Joan of Arc instead, THAT is a great movie.

  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049


    Ummmmm, this is spectacular?

    The production design is gorgeous at every gritty, rain-soaked turn.
    The lighting is a character unto itself. Literally.
    The sound design is amazing.
    Harrison Ford has never been better.
    Jared Leto is genuinely unnerving.
    Robin Wright is magnificent.
    Ryan Gosling takes on the perpetually-beaten gumshoe archetype like it was made for him.
    The visuals on the digital overlay sex scene alone deserve an Oscar.