The Fly

The Fly ★★★★★

David Cronenbergs masterpiece.
The ultimate body horror film that stars no other than the legendary Jeff Goldblum. (One of my favourite actors). Jeff and his lover Geena Davies, who is excellent by the way in this film.

This for me feels like a superhero tale gone wrong. Once he has genetically bonded with the fly he's been given super strength, acrobatics and can claim walls. Sounds a lot like spiderman, huh.

But throughout we see the gradual turmoil and deterioration or should I say mutation of this character into a hideous fly creature.
This is convincingly done using the Oscar winning makeup and wow, this has to be near the An American Werewolf in revolutionary makeup standards. Especially in the finale which is stunningly grotesque.
You can't beat practical fx as it's in camera it feels tangible and realistic, adding to the shock factor

Even though this is a monster movie. I feel for the monster. I didn't want to see the monster. I cared for Goldblums character throughout this transition, for which I didn't expect. The fact his eyes are the last thing to go adds to this more as we see his soul is the last thing to go. Wow. A monster movie done to perfection.
Definitely goes down as one of my favourites.

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