Come to Daddy

Come to Daddy ★★★

While I don't particularly care for this movie overall, I did enjoy it for the fact that it is wholly original. Genuine unpredictability is at a premium these days, and this movie has it in spades. And it doesn't rely on the surreal to achieve it. Though there is a bit too much random absurdity for it to really stick the landing for me.

The first third of the film is the strongest section. The humor is at its best during this stretch as is the tension. The interplay between Elijah Wood and Stephen McHattie crackles with malevolent energy. The way McHattie constantly sons Wood and the way Wood spinelessly takes it is so darkly comedic.

True to its original nature, the film does continue to change as it plays, but for me, each change left it sillier and weaker than before - until it ultimately trails off into nothingness.

Points for swinging big though. Ha!

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