Wrong Turn 2: Dead End ★★★

There is something about Joe lynch films that has always bothered me but I haven't been able to pinpoint why; until I watched this today, that is. His movies serve as check lists for genre fans. Every trope, joke, and technique from older better films is going to make an appearance.

Opening scene where a chick gets slaughtered? Check!
Heavy gore? Check!
Zombie Redneck Torture Family? Check!
A cadre of aggressively unlikable twats? Check!
Hot topless girl? Check!

On and on and on...

Here's the thing. I like this film. I like Joe lynch films in general. He is, first and foremost a horror fan. He knows what I want to see and he gives me everything I want. Regardless of how good it is for the film.

You want that irritating character to die horribly? No problem. You want to see that super sexy girl take her top off? Just you wait. You want a ridiculous murder machine to turn the baddies into flesh pulp? Comin' up! You want to see it, he will find a way to shoehorn it in.

It's fun. It's like going to a toy store when you were a kid and having a credit card with no limit. You could buy everything in the store. You get it all but then what? Then you just have a lot of stuff and no real connection to any of it.

With his movies you might get some spins. Where convention states that an element will zig, he will make it zag. The obvious final girl who happens to be the only likeable on in the bunch? Yeah, she's one of the first to die. The black guy is one of the only survivors. Great! That's all nice, but it's all window dressing.

All the story and character connective tissue has to be stretched and bent and sheared off in order to jam all that fan service in. It makes a great facade, but it's still just a facade. It creates a shallow experience.

This movie junk food. It has everything you want, but nothing you need.