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  • Inland Empire

    Inland Empire


    Nightmarish hellscape give me those spooks

  • Joker



    Your thick american brains cant comprehend that there are more than two political sides, so you try to shove everything down your imaginary boxes and project everything, it is quite a cliche, you know you all sound like your parents about the dangers of video games. Fuck how can somebody act so convincingly, makes you feel generally uncomfortable, to despise him, and yet understand him. This is mental illness and generally twisted outlook on life on the far end of…

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  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    In order to create a character that is human, which eludes many directors, Kubric achieves brilliantly. It is about contradictions in the character, because all in all we are all complicated, you can find greatest characteristics in the most evil people and vice versa, how we react depends on thousand different things from our opinions to our emotions to the particulars of the situation itself.

  • Drive



    Not all meaning should be derived from dialogue, after all most of the communication is done through body language. It destroys the tropes, most others have, understanding main character shouldn't be shoved down your throat, it should come down naturally, using many film techniques, from amazing lighting, to atypical music, to plots that are just complicated enough, to not feel like you're watching some melodramatic garbage. Its truly a movie to be felt, analyzing every move, every look, every little thing in actors behaviour.